Han Solo will die in A Force Awakens!

Nov 10, 2014

That’s our prediction any way - here’s the rationale.

Actor Harrison Ford has never been hugely fussed with Star Wars and is on record in a few interviews as being a bit bemused by everything and its success. He is also well noted thinking of himself as being more Indiana Jones than Han Solo.

With this seeming reluctance to play Han Solo in yet another Star Wars film, he agreed to take part in A Force Awakens so that he could contractually get a new Indianna Jones movie into production. Let’s assume this was a one time deal in that this will be Ford’s last Star Wars appearance ever – so in order for JJ’s The Force Awakens to take full advantage of the fact that Han Solo won’t be in any future Star Wars films, the script has been written so that Solo goes out.

So that’s the ‘real reason why’ Han will die.

But what about the story telling reason?

In terms of story telling, The Force Awakens is a hand over. The major characters from the original trilogy are passing the torch to the new, much younger actors who will carry the next 2 films of the trilogy (not to forget potential roles in the cross over films). 

If the story of film is truly about a hand over, why not have Han Solo die in the most glorious way as he saves everybody and in doing so passes his own torch to his child who will go on to have many wonderful space adventures. Everyone suspects he will have married Leia and their child will be Force sensitive so the hand over goes that way (Kira?)

Another idea why - from a certain point of view, A New Hope hinged on the death of Obi Wan Kenobi. His sacrifice (of a sort) helped Luke and Leia escape from Tarkin and Vader’s clutches. The Force Awakens needs such a moment, and Han Solo is the perfect candidate for it.

Of course his death should be so heroic and so noble it will be up there with movie deaths such as Spock in Wrath of Khan, Damien Karass in The Exorcist, Harry Stamper in Armageddon and let’s not forget the death of Obi Wan at the hands of his former apprentice in A New Hope.

Here’s hoping any way.

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