The best Twi'lek Halloween costume (pretty in pink!)

Oct 30, 2020
Halloween has been and gone for another year. The occasion did see fit to bestow us with this wondrous Twi’lek cosplay:

twilek halloween costume big breasts
Pretty in Pink
Found on Reddit, the character met with the late Peter Mayhew’s personal approval.

Can’t get much better than that!

The poster of the picture, misspfabuloussaid she made the costume herself “I made the lekku out of fabric, rice ( to weigh them down), cotton stuffing from a pillow, Tupperware ( for height and support), gorilla tape, and faux leather.”

She also said “The lekku took me about 36 hours I hand sew everything because I am completely unable to use a machine. It took me probably 6 hours to stud the bra and sew the pants to perfection. The makeup took me 3 hours. So 45 hours give or take.”

Here's the twi'lek having a good time on the town:

twilek with big breasts

Check out more twilek cosplay and of course the most famous green one of all....

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