The crawl of The Force Awakens from Star Wars

Nov 6, 2014

The opening text crawl of The Force Awakens from Star Wars

Star Wars is famous for its opening crawls - each prologue sets the scene up for what we the viewer are about to witness. At the least it's a chance to listen to some John William's magic!

The Force Awaken's opening word crawl was no different that what came before.

Heroes on both sides this is not!

Here's the screen crawl:

Luke Skywalker has vanished.
In his absence, the sinister
FIRST ORDER has risen
from the ashes of the Empire
and will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi,
has been destroyed.

With the support of the REPUBLIC,
General Leia Organa leads a brave RESISTANCE.
She is desperate to find her
brother Luke and gain his
help in restoring peace and
justice to the galaxy.

Leia has sent her most daring
pilot on a secret mission
to Jakku, where an old ally
has discovered a clue to
Luke’s whereabouts . . . .

So there you go. I hope you like castles...

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