Unkar Plutt quotes from The Force Awakens

Nov 29, 2014
unkar plutt quotes

Unkar Plutt quotes from The Force Awakens

Unkar Plutt is a minor character that can be found in Star Wars: The Force Awakens but his character is quite notable for whom is playing him.

That being the very famous Star Wars prequel hater Simon Pegg.

Pegg is also well known for Shawn of the Dead, Mission Impossible and a small film called Star Trek - he was able to use his leverage with JJ Abrams to get the small role by dint of their Star Trek relationship.

As for the actual character!

“One-quarter portion…” so says Plutt to Ray during their negotiation and thus usurping him as being a more mean wheeler and dealer that Watto.

"Quiet girl" - so says Unkar to the young Rey in the flashback sequence.


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    1. Yes, yes it is ;) Thanks for the heads up. No idea how I made that mistake!


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