Poe Dameron quotes from The Force Awakens

Dec 11, 2014

Poe Dameron quotes from The Force Awakens

Poe is played by actor Oscar Issac and appears to be in line to play the 'Han Solo' character of the new Star Wars trilogy. Not much detail has leaked around his role yet but it's rumored that he gets captured along with Finn which requires a dramatic rescue!

From the second teaser trailer:

  • "Woohoo!"
  • "We've got company" So says Poe to Lor San Sekka when the First Order arrive.
  • “So who talks first? You talk first? I talk first?”
  • "The Resistance Will Not Be Intimidated." So says a staunch Poe to the mind reading Kylo Ren. His failure to withstand Kylo's mind probing is a set up so that when Kylo fails to get an advantage over Rey, it's more impressive.
  • "Red squad blue squad take my lead" - Poe leading the X -Wing Squadron as they assault the Takodona base.
  • "All teams, give it everything you've got!"
  • "We got a lot of company!" as he's piloting an X-Wing in a battle. "All right, let's light it up
  • Finn during his rescue of Poe on board Kylo Ren's ship.
  • Poe "Why Are You Helping Me?"
  • Finn "Because It's The Right Thing To Do."
  • Poe "...You Need A Pilot."
  • Finn: "I Need A Pilot."

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