Captain Phasma quotes from The Force Awakens

Dec 16, 2014
captain phasma force awakens

Captain Phasma quotes from The Force Awakens

Captain Phasma, known as the 'Chrome Stormtrooper' by many fans is the hand of the First Empire.

They are effectively the 'second' bad guy after Kylo Ren. Phasma is played by Gwendoline Christie, famous for her role in Game of Thrones.


“Move to your ships, now.”

“On my command… ”

“Fire FN2187.”

“Submit your blaster for inspection.”

At a key point on the Star Killer base, Finn, Han and Chewie are trying to bring down the shields when they run into Captain Phasma and the two following conversations occur:

Finn: You remember me?
Captain Phasma: FN-2187.
Finn: Not anymore. The name's Finn and I'm in charge. I'm in charge now, Phasma! I'm in charge!
Han Solo: [to Finn] Bring it down. Bring it down.

Captain Phasma: You can't be so stupid as to think this will be easy. My troops will storm this block and kill you all.
Finn: I disagree. What do we do with her?
Han Solo: Is there a garbage chute? Trash compactor?
Finn: Yeah, there is!

The Last Jedi quotes by Phasma

phasma quotes last jedi

"So good to have you back."

Captain Phasma to FN-2187 "You were always scum." to which he aptly replies with the correction: "Rebel scum"

"You are a bug in the system!"

To Finn: "Disobedient. Disrespectful, Traitor!"

Finn: You call for order. You beat us down. But when your shiny neck was threatened, you squealed like a whoop hog. The evidence blew up with the base but you and I know the truth. When I put a gun to your head, you shut down Starkiller shields. Now what would your troops do if they found out? Or your masters?

Her reply "Who would believe a story like that?"

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