Force Awakens TIE Fighter artwork leaked, who will be flying this wondrous vessel?

Jan 4, 2015

leaked tie fighter artworkBehold the latest piece of leaked The Force Awakens conceptual art that is doing the rounds across the internet. This is a nice play on the original Tie Fighters of the Original Trilogy.

It seems bigger that the standard TIE as it has a long ramp and is guarded by why ROTJ fans may recognise looking like as Emperial Guards.

Perhaps this is not a traditional fighter but a 'fancy' travelling ship for an character that is hell bent on tracking someone down? An Inquisitor perhaps? Perhaps an Inquisitor played by Gwendoline Christie?

One must recognize that this design is merely a design, at this stage no one outside the production crew really knows if this design made it into the final film or indeed would will be flying this spaceship if it did.

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