Freedom - Freiheit - A George Lucas short film from 1966

Dec 29, 2020

Before George Lucas was George Lucas, he was simply George Lucas, film student.

As he studied film making he did several things that incorporated his love of cars in the short film 1:42.08 (which presumably translated into American Graffitti) and fairly notably the first version of his film, THX 1138 which was titled ELECTRONIC LABYRINTH: THX 1138 4EB.

Why are we discussing this?

Probably because Lucas also made a simple film called Freiheit, a short story that features a young man seemingly attempting to escape some form of tyranny – this is suggested by 'frieheit' being the German for freedom and the voice overs at the end of the short.

Lucas simply gets it.

 The only point I’m really making is that the actor, Randal Kleiser in this short film when on to direct some pretty popular films in his own right, yer know like Grease, The Blue Lagoon the totally awesome White Fang

Kleiser was a class mate of Lucas so it seemed natural for him to appear in a class mate’s project.

One wonders who else from Lucas’ class had similar successes in the film industry?

Anyways, why don’t you grab a glass of water, kick off your sneakers and watch the original short version of THX 1138. It stands up thematically in the modern age.

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