Who is Jenny Cresswell and why was her scene cut from A New Hope?

Oct 16, 2016

Jenny Cresswell cut from Star Wars with Han Solo
Cute Couple?

This is Jenny Cresswell in ANH with Han Solo.

In the now infamous Cantina scene of A New Hope, Han Solo was filmed as flirting with a human like character now known as Jenny after the actress who played the part, Jennifer Cresswell.

This brief moment was cut from the final version of the movie however the part was recovered as an extra for the Blu Ray edition of Star Wars.

Jenny Cresswell in Space:1999
Jenny Cresswell in Space:1999

The moment was cut as part of sharpening up the Cantina scene.

Given her moment of fame is missing from ANH, Cresswell is perhaps more well known as playing several parts in the television series, Space:1999.

One wonders how if everyone had first met Han Solo chatting up space chicks rather than being simply introduced as a space pirate to Luke and Ben?

The character of Jenny wasn't the only female that could be found in Chalmun's Cantina, the Tonnika Twins were briefly glimpsed as well!

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