Mar 31, 2015

For the Princess Leia cosplay fans, we'll just leave this here...

Man doing princess leia slave costume

I think this cosplayer has really got into his Slave Leia with the full enthusiasim the character deserves. Why, check out those green slippers! They are just perfect. If there was one failing I suspect the wig's coloring is slightly off.

If you're interested in some other 'fails' check out this chap, these guys and gals. Joke's aside, who does it better than Top Model, Adrianne Curry?

Mar 25, 2015

Who is the Vicar? Is it Max Von Sydow?

The Vicar concept art

Is this leaked concept art the first image of a character called The Vicar as possibly being played by the veteran actor Max Von Sydow?

What role does the Vicar play. How did he get this mysterious lightsaber and why does he let Poe Dameron have it? Why does Kylo Ren kill him? Is it because of the answer to the last question?

Is any of this true?


“And you want to break in?”

Mar 9, 2015

Facts and Trivia about Supreme Leader Snoke

Facts and Trivia about Supreme Leader Snoke from The Force Awakens

Snoke was originally heard in the first Star Wars teaser when he did the voice over quote:

"There has been a disturbance in the force, have you felt it? The dark side and the light"

Snoke is played by Andy Serkis of Gollum and King King fame by way of motion capture.

Mar 6, 2015

Has there ever been a more sexy C3PO than this cosplayer?

From time to time we feature some Star Wars cosplay so when we saw this foursome's awesome effort, it was destined to grace this site's pages!

star wars costumes 
This was no slap dash Star Wars, this was a well planned sortie. These fans clearly spent a fair amount of time getting this kit together.

Great job guys !! 

Mar 1, 2015

Major Caluan Ematt quotes The Force Awakens

Major Caluan Ematt quotes The Force Awakens

Major Ematt is a character in The Force Awakens.

Apparently they will play the part of a Rebel.

George and an early version of his little buddy, R2

We saw this cool picture of George Lucas in the wild and thought you may like it - it's the legend himself with an early prototype version of an R2 unit, perhaps even our favorite blue and white little dude!

Lucas and an early version of a mate
I'm guessing it was a version made to work out how the unit could be used in making the film.

When Victoria's Secret and Boba Fett collide...

Some times Star Wars fans get it wrong. So very wrong. And sometimes, they get it so very right. And they pull off this Boba Fett cosplay  and the balance is restored to the Force:

bobba fett female cosplay
When Victoria's Secret and Boba Fett collide