Apr 16, 2015

Things we learned today about the Force Awakens

Things we learned a lot about the Force Awakens today following the release of the 2nd Force Awakens Trailer and the Star Wars Celebration Event
  • The planet featured in two trailers is is not Tattooine but a sand bowl known as Jakku. A Star Destroyer has crash landed along with an X-Wing, suggestive of a previous space battle.
  • Luke appears to be suggesting that there is another in his family that is Force Sensitive. 
  • Luke appears to have a new robotic hand and arm. 
  • It appears Chewbacca hasn't aged a day. 
  • There are plenty of new looking Storm Troopers, including Captain Phasma, snow troopers and flame troopers.
  • It looks like there is an escape scene with a Tie Fighter in a hangar.
  • The Empire is now being referred to as the First Order.
  • The Rebels fall under the title of the Resistance.
  • Notice the wording from Luke's voice over, "my Father has it". Not had. It would appear Lord Vader's force ghost lives on....

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