How awesome is this Futurama / Star Wars crossover tattoo?

Feb 6, 2017

Futurama Star Wars cross over tattoo

My mate Zac loves his tattoos and decided to get a new one recently. Some Futurama crossed with Star Wars! Zac kindly agreed to answer some questions about how this tattoo came into being.

Q. Hey Zac, we heard you like Star Wars. Care to explain that Futurama / Star Wars crossover tattoo we spied on your leg this week?

You’re probably going to hate me for this, but I’m much more into Futurama than Star Wars haha! I’ve still only seen the first 3 movies (as in Episodes 4,5,6) and these when I was quite a lot younger! I did re-watch A New Hope the night before the Tattoo started and apart from all the horrible new CGI that was crammed into it, it was still an amazing movie and we loved watching it. 

I am a huge cartoon nut, and after re-watching all the seasons and movies again, decided that I needed a Futurama tattoo of some kind! 

Q. Who designed the work, where did you get it done and who drew it? 

My artist's name is Simon Morse, he owns Dr Morse Tattoo Studio here in Wellington, New Zealand. 

After deciding I needed another tattoo, and that it needed to be big, detailed, amazing, sexy and about Futurama, I went down to see Simon. He has done a whole bunch of other Tattoos for me and I knew he would be able to do something amazing, I had 100% faith and trust in him to really hit this one out of the park.

Bender as Darth Vader tattoo
Darth Bender
Simon is a huge Star Wars nut, his studio is packed full of Star Wars Lego, Figures, Books and even a Storm Trooper Helmet. It didn’t take us too long to settle on the Star Wars meets Futurama Cross-over. We started off with Darth Bender, he had drawn up a scene of Bender over the handless Luke “Frywalker” beckoning him to join the Dark Side. 

We managed to smash out most of the Bender Tattoo in the first sitting, and when I went back 4-5 weeks later to chat about the next steps, Cam (one of the other artists) mentioned “It’d be cool if you had professor Farnsworth in there as the Emperor” we laughed about it a bit then talked of having Princess Lela in the slave girl outfit somewhere as well and didn’t think much more of it.

The next morning, Simon had come up with the perfect finish to the Tattoo, Emperor Farnsworth looking over the others and framing it all nicely and a view out of the Death Star window onto a nebular of blues and purples to make the oranges really pop. 

The tattoo took 2 and a half sessions, around 17-18 hours total.

Q. How does Star Wars fit into your life?

Star Wars Futurama tattooHaha, I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, I love space and sci-fi movies and I know it has definitely influenced so many other movies down the track. My next plan is to re-watch Episodes 5 and 6, and then definitely check out the new one! 

I don’t really get around to watching movies a lot but two of my favourite movies I watched last year were about the horrors of space, Event Horizon (1997) (it takes me a long time to get around to movies obviously) and Europa Report (2013). 

Q. How many tattoos do you have and how many does your mother know about? 

Depending on how you count them, 11 in total I think! And yeah, Mum knows about all of them!
Q. What are your thoughts on The Force Awakens trailers?

The first one: “This looks insanely awesome”, very much like the recent Star Treks, hopefully they don’t have as much pointless lenses flare, oh and confusion over what the new robot thing is supposed to be

The second one: Had even more action, a spooky possibly evil Luke voice over, less new robot and the last scene with Chewbacca and Han just got me really pumped up to see this one!

Q. What’s your favourite Star Wars moment?

I love all of the light sabre fight scenes, the huge space battles and all the scenes with the Ewoks and speeders crashing into things, oh and the AT-ATs stomping around in the snow battles, those things are awesome.

A massive thanks to Zac for sharing his tattoo and what went into it! Follow the link if you'd like to see some more Star Wars tattoos.

Futurama tattoo of star wars

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