Aug 16, 2015

Rogue One is 'A Star Wars Story'

So. Rogue One now officially has a descriptor with its title.

“A Star Wars Story”

This is clearly a device to help inform people that RogueOne is actually a Star Wars movie so they should part with their money and go see the movie as filler until VIII comes out. I say filler in the loosest sense ever.

But is it necessary to describe Rogue One as a Star Wars movie? It’s almost redundant as when it comes time to market the movie THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE WILL BE INFORMED THAT IT IS A STAR WARS MOVIE. All eyes will be on it and the huge cross it will have to bear. 

What cross do I refer to? I’m taking about the load of expectations fan boys and casual movie goers will have for it as it follows on the heels of The Force Awakens... 

TFA will be a massive hit, no matter what. It will be the biggest movie of 2015 and will beat what Jurassic World did. And there will be a demand for a repeat dose of it in Rogue One. Further, if TFA fails critically, people will be looking to Rogue One to remedy any mistakes made in that movie (there will be mistakes and missteps, it will be impossible for JJ Abrams and Disney to not to).

What’s interesting to note is that as part of the official Rogue One casting announcement, the film is simply referred to as Rogue One with no mention of ‘A Star Wars Story’.

So what about these films being touted as ‘anthology’ films.

Well, an anthology is just a collection of stories or tales or songs so these Star Wars films (stories – Ed) should be able to be packaged together as an anthology – but I reckon the change has been made as too many people questioned the use of anthology or were confused by it. Confused in, how can a release of a single film and another two years later be called (or marketed as) an anthology?

Any ways, who cares, we’re getting more Star Wars and we cant.hardly.wait. 

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