Amy Shchumer naked in bed with R2S2

Aug 17, 2015
Amy Schumer tits out in bed with R2D2 and C3PO

Princess Leia's slave bikini from Return of the Jedi is an iconic part of Star Wars.

Serving to titillate young men everywhere (and maybe young women too), that gold bikini has become the gold standard for all kinds of measures.

Am I as pretty as Leia?

Should I wear a gold bikini to a cosplay convention?

What if I'm just taking the piss.

What if my children see a woman wearing a gold bikini and this offends me?

Enter Amy Schumer. An 'overnight' success in the sense that she's popular after years of hard work.

So what does she do?

 She dons the gold bikini and sexes it up by giving oral pleasure to a blue lightsaber and having an apparent threesome with R2D2 and C3PO.

And queue the outrage across the internet! Twitter was abuzz. Abuzz! So much so someone in the official Star Wars camp felt the need to tweet about the outrage:

Amy was accused of being disgusting. Sure, she was proactive and pushing a line where some people may not be comfortable but no one card when America's Next Top Model donned the same golden bikini and kicked Jar Jar in the nuts.

Maybe that's because a lot of people hate Jar Jar so don't care.

Maybe that's because Amy Schumer isn't America's Next Top Model. Adrienne Curry is.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Mark Hamill approved though. Bless his dirty heart.

Amy won't care regardless, she got the publicity she wanted, which frankly is what it is all about.

While fans will love and adore Star Wars and let it become a part of their heart and soul, they need to remember the owner of Star Wars is all about making money, and sex sells baby, sex sells.

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