Who are the Knights of Ren in The Rise of Skywalker

Mar 28, 2019

Who are the Knights of Ren in Star Wars?

The Star Wars prequels revealed that the 'Darth' in Darth Vader was not a simple name such as David or Simon but rather a title that signified the title bearer was a Sith Lord.

The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams scriptwriter Lawrence Kasdan cooked up a similar trick for the villain of The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren.

'Ren' is something similar to Darth.

JJ’s says of Kylo “He is a character who came to the name Kylo Ren when he joined a group called the Knights of Ren.

So, what is this group of Knights?

Are they heroes in the vein of King Arthur’s silver soldiers but with a secret mission?

Are they simply bad guys lounging around trying to become one with the Force?

What did Kylo do to become worthy of becoming a Knight of Ren? What is the connection of the Knights to the Acolytes of the Beyond?

If Palpatine and Vader were indeed the last two living Sith Lord, do these knights serve as the new extraordinary league of bad guys that will serve to terrorize the heroes in the last film of the new Star Wars trilogy?

The Rise of Skywalker has shown they are basically Kylo's entourage.

Their spaceship is called the Night Buzzard.

Here's a list of the names of the Knights of Ren

  • Vicrul, self styled as the harvester, the reaper of the fallen, and the targeter of souls. He grows in the dark side with every life he takes, and has a nascent and uncontrolled ability to generate fear in his prey.
  • Cardo, a destructive warrior who uses hefty arm cannon packs, vented plasma bolt launchers, and flamethrowers. He is the Knights' armorer, and is obsessed with weapon modification.
  • Ushar believes in testing his victims; if they plead for mercy, then they receive a slow and painful death. His signature weapon is a blunt-ended war club that drives kinetic energy into a concussion field generator.
  • Trudgen collects trophies from his fallen conquests, adding to his weapons and armor with every victory. His patchwork helmet incorporates elements from a Death Trooper he defeated at some point, and his signature weapon is a powerful vibrocleaver.
  • Kuruk is something of a loner, and typically operates as the Knights of Ren's pilot. He's predominantly a sniper.
  • Ap'lek is a master manipulator and strategist, who likes to use smoke to conceal his approach and uses the Force to peer through the smoke screens. He carries an ancient Mandalorian executioner's ax.
Did they have a connection to Snoke? Extended universe material reveals that Snoke encouraged Kylo Skywalker to join them. Once he did, the took the name of Ren.

knights of ren fight luke

They were not present in The Last Jedi but a leaked poster suggests they will be in the JJ directed Episode IX. Check out that meat cleaver!

knights of ren ix

Here's the full poster that was leaked before the promotion of IX had begun:

leaked star wars poster with knights of ren

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