Doug Chiang's Kylo Ren concept art

Sep 13, 2015
When every Star Wars story has been told and the bones are picked apart, the name Doug Chiang will stand proudly along side names like Joe Johnston and Ralph McQuarrie as being one of the great influences of how Star Wars looked and thus felt. Chiang was notably hugely influential in how the Prequel Trilogy looked by way of his concept art. 

kylo ren by Doug Chiana

He was asked to do The Force Awakens as well – and while a lot of concept art has leaked, this shot of Kylo Ren in the forrest is the first official piece of concept art from TFA by Chiang. It’s more post production concept art than the kind of work that’s done when one is just doodling ideas, however it is striking in its statement: There is evil on the ground again.

This work of art can be found in the book The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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