Facts and Triva about Kylo Ren

Sep 7, 2015

Everything we know about Kylo Ren thus far:
  • Kylo Ren is an adopted name.
  • His true origins are unknown at this time.
  • Ren comes from The Knights of Ren, a mysterious group.
  • His red lightsaber was made by himself. 
  • Ren is played by Adam Driver.
  • He reports to General Hux and Supreme Commander Snoke of the First Order
  • He is an artifact collector, and has Darth Vader's mask in his possession.
  • He likes to burn villages down

Any thing else is probably scuttlebut but I like these ideas:
  • He is possibly a part of the Accolytes of Beyond.
  • He is possibly of Solo / Organa parentage

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