↠ It's true, Carrie Fisher appeared in Playboy Magazine!

Sep 1, 2021
Carrie Fisher in a Playboy Bunny outfit
Fisher in a Playboy Bunny costume

Is it true that Carrie Fisher appeared nude in Playboy Magazine?

Yes, Fisher did appear in Playboy but not in the way you're thinking.

Get your mind out of the gutter, you won't find topless nude / titty pictures of her here, Carrie is a princess after all!

Well, you could check her nudity out in the film Shampoo...

Back in Playboy Magazines's prime, people used to claim to read the magazine for its articles - one of those such articles featured Carrie Fisher. It's a very interesting read as it gives an insight into her mindset.

It took place following the release of The Empire Strikes Back so people would have been drawn to the article and would have thus been exposed to Carrie's thoughts on her mother's breasts, whether Darth Vader is gay and how Warren Beatty embarrassed her.

No, she doesn't reveal her bra size.

On doing a nude scene with Warren Beatty in the film Shampoo:

At the time I did Shampoo, I was a virgin. I knew nothing.

They would kid me. Warren [Beatty], Hal [Ashby] and Robert [Towne] would all fall apart laughing, and I would, too.

My line to Warren was “Want to fuck?” and I was supposed to be hostile and mean and power-crazy.

I would say that line and fall apart because Warren had told the others that I didn’t know what I was talking about and that was very funny to them.

Moving on, some Star Wars things were actually covered in the Play Boy interview: 

On  Darth Vader being gay:

"The guy’s not attractive. He has funny hair.

He’s not black.

He may be neuter.

A lot of this is open to people’s interpretations.

Maybe he’s gay.

Vader is gay and he’s embarrassed about some tattoos he had put on his face. He got drunk one night.

No, he has some kind of problem with facial hair. What can I tell you? You’ll find it out in the third film. You had a glimpse of him in The Empire Strikes Back.

He looked like some vegetables gone bad."

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carrie fisher- nipple-slip

On Debbie Reynold's breasts:

'For Star Wars, they had me tape down my breasts, because there are no breasts in space.

Camera tape, gaffer tape.

At the end of every day, I was going to draw a lottery and one of the crew could rip off the tape. I never did it, though.

Actually, my mother is more famous for her breasts than I could ever be for mine. Groucho Marx, in front of Nate ’n Als, once told me she had a great chest.

He was going to visit her in the hospital to see if they were real. He also said that on the Cavett show.

So I have some.

I have two."

For those wondering, here's the original nipple in space...

These responses to some of the questions asked by Playboy Magazine display a well-rounded sense of being awake to the whims and ways of the world.

It shows she had to handle a sexist world and industry that treated her as a sexual being rather than a professional actress.

A large part of that is clearly informed by Fisher's intelligence and the immersion into the world of show business by way of her famous parents certainly had a hand.

To be talking about someone being gay (even if a fictitious film villain), while not unheard of in the 1980s, was possibly a novel thing for the largely male audience of the magazine.

Anyways, just for kicks, here's some on set pictures of Fisher sporting the infamous golden bikini

Enjoy that double standard...

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  1. Well I learn something new every day I will never look at the so call Darth Vader the way I used cause he is closet freak an he never had ball to open the closets door to free his self cause we all know secrets keep us sick and we're only as sick as what we have hidden on the inside


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