Oct 20, 2015

Is this the equivalent of Luke's two suns vista?

PZ-4CO quotes from The Force Awakens

PZ-4CO quotes from The Force Awakens

While everyone may have noticed the introduction of BB-8 into the Star Wars canon, eagle eyed fans quickly spied the big blue robot, known as PZ-4CO.

Colloquially known as Peazy, his role is to offer tactical data and communications support during important operations. He is a constant at Commander Leia's side in the Control Room.

We can't seem him and C3PO being the best of friends...

PZ-4CO quotes

Update: He says nothing in the movie!!!!

Whomever runs the Star Wars Facebook page has done it again

We thought the Phasma armour reposte was a pretty handy piece of social media - but whoever runs the Star Wars Facebook page has earned their pay check this week!

Obviously the trailer for The Force Awakens dropped and broke the internet - and the official Star Wars Facebook crew found Mark Zuckerberg commenting on their post - to which they responded with a play on Han Solo's classic line to Leia, "I know":

Cheeky? Maybe. Social media mastery? We think it's worthy of admission to the Jedi Council...

Oct 18, 2015

The Starkiller base was inspired by original Star Wars designer, Ralph McQuarrie

Andy pointed out a very cool thing about the TFA's Star Killer base - it's quite likely it was Ralph McQuarrie inspired. Who's that you may ask? He's the designer of the original look for Star Wars - the man who drew what Lucas was thinking and turned them into a visual feast.

So in terms of the Starkiller base as spied in the background of the The Force Awakens poster (See below), Andy suggested that there was an element of design taken from some concept art that McQuarrie did for the original Death Star. Note the circular 'eye' at the top of the image:

And now compare that to the image of the Starkiller base found in the TFA's official poster:

Seems familiar enough? You could argue that Death Stars and Star Killers simply need to have big round holes so the weapon can be fired through and I accept that, the point is that McQuarrie did it first.

But could argue that in the McQuarrie image, that eye is not a weapon but a landing hangar...

BUT, here's some more McQuarrie concept art which shows the trench line that's similar to what is happening on the Star Killer base, and a distinct weapon hole. Help me out wise fans, what's the actual name for that?

11 really really serious questions about The Force Awakens Poster. And some not so serious.

Questions about The Force Awakens Poster
  1. Who does Leia’s hair?
  2. If Luke is not on the poster, where is he?
  3. Why Gwendoline Christie’s name not on the credits?
  4. Did you spot that Harrison has first billing over Hamill?
  5. You guessed that’s Maz Katana right?
  6. So what did Arndt do to get his script credit?
  7. How the heck did the First Order turn an ice planet into a Starkiller weapon.
  8. How do you drive such a planet /weapon?
  9. Does it have a hyper drive?
  10. Do the parallel positioning of Kylo’s sword and Rey’s staff meaning any parallels in the movie?
  11. Is the red  / blue sabers triangle thing a reference to a new holy trinity?
  12. No 'inspired by George' Lucas style credit? 

Michael Arndt gets a screen credit after all that fuss!

When Michael Arndt was 'relieved' of his Star Wars writing duties, the internet lost it's collective mind and wondered if the sky was falling. What kind of idiot gets himself replaced on a Star Wars gig? Oh, wait,  Josh Trank did though....

We suggested everyone watch Netflix and chill.

Now that the official Force Awakens movie poster has been released, we can see that the Oscar winner has received a formal screenwriters credit on the film and that adds up to work must have been used in some substantive form.

This should really not be a surprise as Kathleen Kennedy said nice things about Arndt's work at the time:

"Michael Arndt has done a terrific job bringing us to this point and we have an amazing filmmaking and design team in place already prepping for production."

Given it is thought JJ and Kasdan did a story based script, one could assume Arndt's work that was kept was likely in the mode of ideas, thematic concepts, characters, names and places. It doesn't just have to be character dialogue!

The story of Star Wars film scripts has always been interesting - it's a tale in itself of how Lucas brought Star Wars into being. Two interesting moments are the role that Leigh Brackett had in Empire and what Johnathan Hales did to deserve a credit on Attack of the Clones (and who did some uncredited work!).

The official The Force Awakens poster has been released

This is more like it ! Note the clear absence of Luke Skywalker and the direct placement of Rey front and center! How times have changed since Return of the Jedi.

If you had any doubts, this poster clearly demonstrates who the important characters in The Force Awakens are - Rey, Fin and of course the mysterious Kylo Ren. 

The poster was done by Bryan Morton. 

Oct 13, 2015

Hamill says he never called Princess Leia, 'Carrie' in A New Hope

"Carrie! Leia!"

Mark Hamill says he never called Carrie, Carrie at the end of A New Hope

For years and years since A New Hope was first screened, there has been a story that the original version featured Mark Hamill’s Luke greeting Leia as ‘Carrie’ apon his arrival from destroying the Death Star.

 I’d never seen any video or audio that confirmed this but had sort of just accepted it as being true (having not picked up on it in any movie viewings!). 

After all, there’s been a lot of Star Wars trivia unveiled over the years – and the same movie itself has the odd other goof in it, most notably the Stormtrooper who bumps his head!

Mark Hamill has now gone on the record to say this never happened and the idea is total bullshit.

Here’s his tweet  that explains his point of view:

 This was in response to a tweet by @velvetgeek who asked Hamill to weigh in.

So there you have it, it’s a myth that Hamill calls Leia by the actor’s name.  There’s plenty of other Star Wars myths that have been busted – our favourite myth being that the Falcon was originally FILMED as blowing up inside the Death Star in Jedi.