Hamill says he never called Princess Leia, 'Carrie' in A New Hope

Oct 13, 2015
"Carrie! Leia!"

Mark Hamill says he never called Carrie, Carrie at the end of A New Hope

For years and years since A New Hope was first screened, there has been a story that the original version featured Mark Hamill’s Luke greeting Leia as ‘Carrie’ apon his arrival from destroying the Death Star.

 I’d never seen any video or audio that confirmed this but had sort of just accepted it as being true (having not picked up on it in any movie viewings!). 

After all, there’s been a lot of Star Wars trivia unveiled over the years – and the same movie itself has the odd other goof in it, most notably the Stormtrooper who bumps his head!

Mark Hamill has now gone on the record to say this never happened and the idea is total bullshit.

Here’s his tweet  that explains his point of view:

 This was in response to a tweet by @velvetgeek who asked Hamill to weigh in.

So there you have it, it’s a myth that Hamill calls Leia by the actor’s name.  There’s plenty of other Star Wars myths that have been busted – our favourite myth being that the Falcon was originally FILMED as blowing up inside the Death Star in Jedi.

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