Does TFA really have a reference to Apocalypse Now?

Nov 8, 2015
With the release of the international / Japanese trailer for The Force Awakens there has been some new material to check out - including this awesome shot of Tie Fighters flying with Jakku's fiery sun to their backs. I saw someone suggesting it had an Apocalypse Now vibe to it.

And you know what, it kind of does....

If this is indeed a deliberate reference, it would have been done with the knowledge that Harrison Ford had a small role at the start of the movie. His character was called Lucas - a nod to the director's friendship with George Lucas. Apocalypse was shot before Star Wars but not released until after.

It should be totally stated for clarity that the Apocalypose film does not have an exact like for like shot as found in the TFA, hence the use of the word reference in this post. 

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