Snap! It's Temmin Wexley! Here's his quotes from The Force Awakens.

Dec 8, 2015

Greg Grunberg has revealed the name of his character in The Force Awakens:


We think that's probably the best name of all the new ones.

Greg's character is an X-Wing pilot and is presumed to be the equivalent of Wedge Antilles from the first set of films.

Snap is the nickname of the character - argubaly because he's allways snapping his fingers. Snap's first appearance in the Star Wars canon was in Chuck Wendig's Aftermath.

Grunberg is best known for his turns on the Heroes show. He's a long term friend of JJ Abrams who has previously cast in minor roles in Mission Impossible III, Lost and Super 8.

Here's a quote:

“Watch out for ground fire!” – said as he's taking part in the Battle of Starkiller base.

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