Our favourite Chewbacca moments from The Force Awakens

Dec 23, 2015

Everybody loves the walking carpet known as Chewbacca. He's the ying to Han Solo's yang. Known for his loyalty to Han, he's been in most of the Star Wars movies and is considered an iconic character.

And so he returned for The Force Awakens. Peter Mayhew was literally rolled out one more time. Due to Mayhew's bad knees, heavy use was made of a double but it made no difference as The Force Awakens produced the definitive Chewbacca performance. Here's our favorite moments:

  • When Chewie complains about being cold whilst on the Star Killer base, Han gives him some ribbing for it as they are all cold in the ice. Later on Chewie picked up Han's jacket and gives it to him to he won't be cold as they are heading back out side. 
  • When Han and Chewie turn up for the first time. You'd already seen the trailer and knew it was coming but the feels when it happened in movie it was amazing.
  • When Chewie shoots Kylo Ren. It was more than just Chewbacca trying to get some form of Revenge, it was Chewie shooting someone he no doubt helped raise. But, he would have seen the choice that Kylo had made so he should feel bad about shooting him. The shot also helped level the playing field for Ren's duel with Rey.
  • Chewbacca then goes on a rage shooting at least 6 Storm Troopers in a row and then decides, 'screw it all, I'm blowing this place to hell' presumably to finish the mission but more than likely to try and kill Kylo.
  • When Chewie needs medical attention and he's battling with Finn. Finn probably has no idea of this particular Wookie's reputation and so is very persistent - to the point where he actually succeeds giving him first aid. Later Han suggests the Wookie likes Finn and so lets him treat him. It's a cute but subtle moment. 
  • Perhaps for this writer the saddest moment in the whole film was when Chewbacca has returned to the Resistance's base and finally has a quiet moment to himself and he puts his head down to mourn the loss of his best friend and quite possibly his only family (Lumpy doesn't count!).
  • Our favorite heroic moment was when Chewie pulled up in the Falcon to rescue Rey and Finn - he was still thinking of his new friends even at probably one of the lowest moments in his life. 

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