Quotes about the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars

Feb 23, 2018

The Enterprise

Alien's Nostromo

Firefly's Serenity

The Last Star Fighter

These ships might come marginally close to be interesting BUT everyone knows what the Falcon is.

If there is one space ship above all space ships in the history of film space ships, it's the Millennium Falcon.

It's the fast hunk of junk around! And according to Rey, it will do!

Here's some quotes from the four Star Wars movies where the characters have talked about the actual ship.

A New Hope

  • Luke Skywalker on laying eyes on the Millennium Falcon for the first time: What a piece of junk!
  • Han Solo: She'll make point five past lightspeed. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself.
  • Han Solo: Fast ship? You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon?
  • Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi: Should I have?
  • Han Solo: It's the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. I've outrun Imperial starships. Not the local bulk cruisers mind you, I'm talking about the big Corellian ships now. She's fast enough for you old man. What's the cargo?
  • Princess Leia to Han Solo and Luke: You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought.

The Empire Strikes Back

  • Princess Leia: This bucket of bolts's never gonna get us past that blockade.
  • Admiral Piett: Lord Vader, our ships have completed their scan of the area and found nothing. If the Millennium Falcon went into light-speed, it'll be on the other side of the galaxy by now.
  • Darth Vader: There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds the Millennium Falcon. You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive. No disintegrations.
  • Boba Fett: As you wish.
  • The Millennium Falcon, under siege from the Empire, won't start:
  • Princess Leia: Would it help if I got out and pushed?
  • Han Solo:it might!
  • C-3P to R2D2: No! We're not interested in the hyperdrive on the Millenium Falcon, it's fixed!
  • C-3PO: Just open the door, you stupid lug!
  • C-3PO: I never doubted him for a second! Wonderful!
  • Darth Vader: Yes, Admiral?
  • Admiral Piett: Our ships have sighted the Millennium Falcon, Lord. But it has entered an asteroid field and we can not risk...
  • Darth Vader: [interrupting Piet] Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral! I want that ship, not excuses!
  • "You know, that ship's saved my life quite a few times. She's the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!"
  • Lando: Punch it!
  • The engine fails.
  • Lando: They told me they fixed it! I trusted them to fix it! It's not my fault!

Return of the Jedi

  • Han Solo: Look. I want you to take her. I mean it. Take her. You need all the
  • help you can get. She's
  • the fastest ship in the fleet.
  • Lando Calrissian: All right, old buddy. You know, I know what she means to you. I'll take
  • good care of her.
  • She-she won't get a scratch. All right?
  • Han Solo: Right. I got your promise now. Not a scratch.
  • Lando Calrissian: Look, would you get going, you pirate.

The Force Awakens

Finn and Rey are desperately running to a ship to avoid the attack of the two TIE fighters.
Finn: 'what about that ship?'

Finn points offscreen to his right

  • Rey: 'that ship is garbage!'
  • The ship they were running to explodes as a TIE lands a direct hit.
  • Rey: 'garbage will do!'

This is the moment the Falcon is revealed to applause to from every theatre that first enjoyed this gag.

The Last Jedi

  • Kylo says "Blast that piece of junk out of the sky!"
  • Finn says when the Falcon joins the Battle of Crait, "Ah they hate that ship!"

Solo: A Star Wars story

The film where we finally learned how Han won the Falcon from Lando

"Might want to buckle up baby!"

"This is my pride and joy. The Millennium Falcon."

Lando: You really have a thing for the Falcon.

Han Solo: It’s mutual. She belongs with me.

The Falcon features so much in the story but have you  ever wondered how Lucas came with with the name?

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