Facts and trivia about Supreme Leader Snoke

Jan 5, 2016

Here's all the facts and trivia we know about Supreme Leader Snoke. This is to say even though The Force Awakens has been released, we know hardly anything about the character!
  • Played by King Kong himself, Andy Serkis, Snoke is The Force Awaken's Emperor Palpatine.
  • Appearing to Kylo Ren and Hux as a hologram, he appears to be a disfigured humaniod character. 
  • We know he can sense things as they happen in real time as he appears to inform Kylo of the comings and goings of the galaxy in good time. 
  • He appears to have exerted a strong influence over Kylo Ren, so much so that he abandon his training with Luke, killed his fellow apprentices and became his protege.
  • Andy Serkis suggested he was seven feet tall.
  • While he's clearly in charge of The First Order regime, he appears to have some kind of connection to the Knights of Ren.
  • Snoke was the one who ordered Hux to destroy the New Republic using the Star Killer base.
  • Snoke bears a scar across his face. This suggests he's been 'in the wars' at some point.
  • Snoke was actually a cloned version of the 'original' Snoke - and effectively a puppet of the Emperor

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