Jan 23, 2017

Is Obi-Wan in The Last Jedi? We'll take that serving.

Edit: No, he wasn't.

Will Obi-Wan Kenobi have a cameo part in The Last Jedi?

With internet rumours swirling murkily round the net like the mists of Dagobah*  about the possibility of Obi-Wan Kenobi having a part in Star Wars Episode *, The Last Jedi we thought we’d better chip in because we know that director Rian Johnson reads every day. You could say he’s actually looped in…

But Obi-Wan in Episode 8? WE ARE IN. WE ARE SO IN.

We feel it, and many have said it before that Ewan McGregor’s version of the Jedi General was the best thing about the Prequel Trilogy. His performances, esp in Revenge of the Sith were fantastic. If Obi-Wan was to be in The Last Jedi, we would ask that Rian consider Ewan McGregor as a force ghost.

This is not some idle fancy. Obi-Wan has a minor cameo in The Force Awakens. One line, and his legend lives on. We could speculation that Obi-Wan could play a part in a couple of ways.

He could commune with Luke to help with his on-going concerns with the Force. Luke’s been hiding on a planet called Ahch-to for many years – plenty of time for him to appear out of the ether for discussion. But that would all be stuff in the past. 

The movie would need to see something happening NOW – so it would seem to reason that Obi-Wan would offer a form of guidance for Rey. After, all he’s already contacted her when she was in the catacombs of Kanata’s Castle and told her these are her “first steps”.  So he’s already on her case.

While Luke has been cast by many as the Obi-Wan figure of TFA (and mostly 8 has he will probably be the one that actually trains Rey) we think it would be quite cool to have Obi-Wan 'pop in' on Rey as he did with Luke in Empire and Jedi. 

Of course, he could actually be Rey's father but we think that's a long, long shot

* 'Mists of Dagobah' that would be a great expanded universe book title!)

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