Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has a wicked reference to Star Wars: A New Hope

Mar 31, 2016
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has a very cool Easter Egg reference to Star Wars: A New Hope

If you recall at the end of the movie that Lex Luther is imprisoned and wearing a prisoner's uniform.

Luthors' prison number is printed on it and it reads ’16-TK421’. This number is the same as the Stormtrooper that was asked why he wasn’t at his post in A New Hope. The trooper had been suckered into entering the Millennium Falcon and was attacked by Han et al. 

It’s quite a cool little easter egg!

During the production of B v S and The Force Awakens there was a bit of rivalry going on between the two production teams. At one point, a miniature version of the Bat Mobile from Nolan’s Batman Universe was placed on the under carriage of the Falcon so it's no surprise director Zack Synder snuck this reference into the movie.

We wonder if that Luther's uniform itself is a reference to the one worn by Gene Hackman and Ned Beatty in the Christopher Reeve Superman films. 

Here's a list of other Star Wars easter eggs that have made it into other films and television.

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