How did the Millennium Falcon get its name?

Feb 9, 2017

How did the Millennium Falcon get its name?

If you ever had occasion to think that was the best Star Wars site ever, you wouldn't be wrong.

Coming in at a distant second however is Kitbashed. They have done an amazing job of telling the story of how Star Wars became Star Wars.

Their latest article traverses the conceptual design of the Millennium Falcon.

Seriously go read it, they bust the whole half eaten burger with an olive stuck on myth quite well...

The key take away for us is how the Falcon got its name. While not absolute fact, this below is some damn good reasoning:

So there we have it - the Millennium Falcon's name was probably inspired by a combination of talking Falcon from The Maltese Falcon and combining it in a round about way with The Eagle space ship from Space 1999.... 


  1. I always thought the name was taken from the Ford Falcon. A simple looking machine, but better than it looked. A millennium later, you have the (re)occurrence of an unassuming looking maxing, that's been modified.


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