Well well, what have we here? My predictions for The last Jedi. Some serious, most fanciful...

Oct 19, 2017

Here’s my plot predictions for The Last Jedi

These are just predictions and guesses of mine for Episode 8. Some serious,  most fanciful. They are made before anything leaks from the set so I’ll be interested to come back and see how they play out in 2017.

  • Rey’s staff will contain a lightsaber
  • Rey’s lightsaber will be double-bladed and blue
  • Poe will do bugger all but fly around looking pretty in his X-Wing
  • Leia will demonstrate some real force action. She will be er... Forced to make a terrible decision - save Rey or someone else...
  • The end of TFA made it clear Luke and Rey had made a connection. Luke has the 'oh damn, all my troubles have literally climbed up this hill to say 'allo guv' look. 
  • Luke must thus train Ray as the Force has demanded it. 
  • This training will mirror and echo the training that Luke recieved from Yoda. He will import everything he can into Rey but the lingering flaw that nags Luke will set Rey on the wrong path
  • Luke is probably Rey's father.
  • We'll learn what happened at the Jedi Academey. 
  • Kylo Ren will have matured into a bad ass.
  • He will go head to head with Luke and we'll see his green saber flash for the final time.
  • That's right, we think Luke might die, leaving Rey to be The Last Jedi.
  • General Hux will die but before that he will do something evil to one of our fan favourite characters.
  • Billie Lord will have a bigger part.
  • Benico Del Torro's character will die at the conclusion of the film.
  • There will not be a Darth Vader flashback.
  • Lando Calrissian will turn up.
  • We will learn of Snoke's broader motives.. like dur
  • Unkar Plutt will have some kind of revenge on Rey. Or he will completely turn around and help her. He will only have one arm....
  • We will learn about Finn's back story. He will not be the son of Lando. 
  • Rey will have Skywalker lineage. Possibly Shimi's sister had a daughter who had a daughter... 
  • The film will be dedicated to Carrie Fisher
Note: This was written before the trailer came out!

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