How many cameos has Warwick Davis had in Star Wars films?

Feb 12, 2017

How many cameos or parts has Warwick Davis played in Star Wars?

Spoilers regarding The Rise of Skywalker below...

Warwick Davis ’s first run at Star Wars was as the Ewok known as Wicket in Return of the Jedi.

Apparently, he was subbed in at the last minute for a sick Kenny Baker thus bring him to the fore as a child actor.

It was a featured role, you could hardly call it a cameo. 

Davis played Wicket twice more in the spin-off films, Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor.

Davis’s next turn came in The Phantom Menace where he had 4 minor appearances which are true cameos. 

In that film he played Wald, the young green Rodian friend that plays with young Anakin. He had a brief turn as Weazel who was a gambler that was watching the podrace that young Anakin won.

Davis also appeared as a street trader on the Tatooine streets and he was used as a double for Yoda in some of Yoda’s walking scenes.

Warwick’s latest role in the Star Wars realm was as 'Woolivan' who could be found lurking having a pint of a bitter English ale at Maz Kanata’s Castle.

In 2016, Davis also turned up in Rogue One as Weeteef Cyubee. The name weeteef references the character's teeth. He's a solider in Saw Gerrera's squad.

Weeteef Cyubee cameo by Warwick Davis

Weeteef Cyubee

In all, Warwick has played 13 characters in Star Wars films.

Davis actually had two parts in Star Wars The Last Jedi. The first was in the Casino scene as and the second was a deleted scene where he played a character called Kedpin Shoklop.

He's also lined up for a voice over part in Season Four of Star Wars Rebels as Rukh, Thrawn's body guard.

Davis reprises his role as Weazel from TPM in Solo. He is a part of Enyfs Nest's gang.

So that makes 13 canon appearances.

Eagle eyed fans will also note that Warwick’s name begins with W, as do the names of many of his characters…

Kedpin Shoklop cameo by Warwick Davis
That pink dude is Warwick Davis as Kedpin
The real question is, if the Rise of Skywalker has a scene on Endor, will we see the Ewoks and a cameo from Wicket played by Warwick Davis??

...and what's this? An aged Davis looking at a Wicket head? ....

warwick davis as wicket in rise skywalker

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