What did Yoda and Obi-Wan say to Rey in her flashback sequence in TFA?

Apr 10, 2016

You may recall the collective 'Wow!' the collective internet made when it realised that Obi-Wan had a line in The Force Awaken's flask back sequence. There wasn’t just one line from a Star Wars alumni to feature though, Yoda chipped in and even Sith Lord Palpatine was snuck in as well. Listen very carefully and it’s all there.

Here’s the quotes from the three characters that were placed in the flash back sequence:

The numbers represent the second they occur.

[00:08] Yoda: It’s energy…

[00:14] Yoda: …surrounds us… and binds us.

[00:14] Luke: No! No!

[00:21] Obi-Wan: You will be tempted…

[00:23] Obi-Wan: But you cannot control it.

[00:25] Yoda again “surrounds us…“

[00:25] Obi-Wan: The Force will be… –

[00:35] Palpatine speaks to Anakin “…any Jedi!”

[00:38] Obi-Wan: You will do it…

[00:48] Obi-Wan: Rey…

[00:53] Obi-Wan: These are your first steps.

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