Director Orson Krennic quotes by Ben Mendelsohn from Rogue One

May 17, 2015
Krennic flanked by his Death Squad
Krennic flanked by his Death Squad goons
Director Orson Krennic quotes by Ben Mendelsohn from Rogue One

Director Krennic is a very senior player in the Imperial Army.

This is by way of the fact he's in charge of making super weapons for the Empire. His home base is the planet Scarif, a remote weapons development facility.

In Rogue One, his mission is to defend the Empire from the band of merry rebels who are trying (and then do) steal the plans to the almighty Death Star. Krennic's Stormtrooper Death Squad serves him to meet those ends. 

Orson Krennic is played by Australian actor Ben Mendelssohn who has quietly carved out a strong list of acting credits.

His most notable roles include The Dark Knight Rises and Killing Them Softly.

He's quite the quotable bad guy. 

Director Krennic quotes

To Galen after he has just found him "The work has stalled. I need you to come back"

They continue to banter:

We were this close to providing peace and security for the galaxy,” Krennic says. “You’re confusing peace with terror,”  replies Galen.

And so quips the bad guy dryly: "Well, you have to start somewhere."

To Darth Vader: "The power we are dealing with here is immeasurable." - This line while in the trailer, was cut from the movie - and so was the whole scene with Vader on the ship.

"I will not fail".

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