Who else gets the feeling a lot of characters are going to die in Rogue One?

Oct 22, 2016

Who else gets the feeling a lot of characters are going to die in Rogue One?

Update - we called it, everyone died. Even Jyn!

Unless Disney is saving up their Rebels for Rogue Two, we’re pretty sure that a LOT of Rebel characters are going to die in Rogue One.

Here's our reasoning.

It’s not quite the Han Solo route, but it’s up there.

This is a heist movie.

It thus needs suspense.

Will the heroes live or die? They need to because we know they get their hands on the Death Star plans and place them in Princess Leia's care.

We’ve complained before that with big budget films, too many good guys win at the end of the day (as no one likes a downer ending right? Wrong).

But we get tired of that.

We want to see things get REAL. As real as the Death of Han solo. 

Wil this Death Squad be will certain er.... death. 
And just like Harrison Ford agreeing to do just one more Star Wars film, this Rogue One prequel gives the filmmakers a massive opportunity to raise the ‘will they survive’ ante.

They can afford to do it as this particular movie does not tie into the original trilogy in the sense that this film’s characters turn up in (Mon Mothma and Darth Vader excluded). 

That means it doesn’t matter if Jyn or Chirrut or K-250 die as it will be of no consequence to the Star Wars franchise going forward.

It will merely add to the drama and viewer's enjoyment of Rogue One.

It's my dear hope that Rogue One can have an epic ending where it really is life or death for the characters and viewers can go along for that ride in the cinema.

As the Death Star’s plans get closer and closer to being Leia’s grasp, the stakes can be raised. There should be glory on all sides!

All it will take is for one character to survive.

If that’s the case, we’d put good money on Jyn surviving and everyone else to die trying.

Hope fully Lord Vader’s saber gets to play a bit of a hand in that but we suspect he will be very under used in the film. 

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