Meet Bistan from Rogue One

Jul 21, 2016
Bistan from Rogue One. He's a Lakaru.

He was the best moment from the Rogue One teaser trailer - meet Bistan.

Bistan is a species known as a Lakaru. In Rogue One he's plays a Rebel. We saw him as a gunner on a U-Wing.

Bistan's home planet is currently unknown. 

He is played by Nick Kellington in costume and mask. The face is controlled by animatronics via radio.

We can imagine that he's a blink and you'll miss him moment in the film but now that he's got a bit of internet fame they will try and put as much of him as they can in the movie ! 

Bistan looks likely to become even more popular than The Force Awakens' 'Traitor!' Stormtrooper....

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