The 4 key things to come out of Star Wars Celebration 2016

Jul 17, 2016
rogue one concept art star wars senna and lunka
Rogue One concept art released during Star Wars Celebration featuring cut characters Senna and Lunka
Here's the key details from Star Wars Celebration 2016

Star Wars Celebration 2016 lit up the universe like a Katy Perry firework with a massive set of announcements and reveals. Let's not muck around, here's the 5 key pieces of Star Wars news that came out, including details on Rogue One.

A behind the scenes look at Rogue One was released

Ah yes, Rogue One's sizzle reel - some cool shots from the movie intercut with some loving bullshit from the film's director. They key take away's are it looks very different to any other Star Wars film, it basically looks like it was shot with a fancy Instagram filter. Jyn Erso blew everyone's mind when she said "May the Force be with us".

It looks like Bail Organa might have a sneaky cameo and everyone's favourite Star Wars little person (Kenny Baker doesn't count, we understand he's a grumpy old man), Warwick Davis has yet another Star Wars cameo. Awesome sauce.

Check out the behind the scenes teaser here.

Smurfs are taking over the universe!

We couldn't resist a jab but the big news is that Grand Admiral Thrawn is back into legit Star Wars canon by virtue of being revealed as the big blue bad guy (along with Maul) of season 3 of Star Wars: Rebels.

Thrawn is his anti-jedi friends
This was many a Star Wars fanboy or girl's wet dream come true. This mainstream introduction of Thrawn will probably cause many to back and read the original novels by Timothy Zahn  - but they should bear in mind that Zahn as written a new Thrawn novel, simply called Thrawn

Rogue One's Title Crawl might not be happening

Kathleen Kenedy let it be known that the Rogue One movie is likely to not have a Star Wars crawl. This seems a little odd given the tradition but this is a side story. I can't recall if the Ewok movies had a crawl but hey, who cares, it's Star Wars baby!

Oh, someone dies in Rogue One

During a panel discussion one of the actors who was speaking in English as his second language let slip a major spoiler that a certain character dies in the movie. We'll not name names here, go on Reddit and have a look if you need - we're not surprised, we think that everyone is going to die in Rogue One. We just have a feeling it's that kind of movie. Kind of like the classic Battle Beyond the Stars.

Well, that's a fair bit of news about Star Wars - can you believe at the time of writing this update, it was only 151 days until Rogue One is released!

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