The best Rey cosplay from The Force Awakens

Jun 29, 2017
Rey cosplay from The Force Awakens
Your antenna's bent mate

While most of us were picking that BB-8 was going to be the break out character from The Force Awakens, it was actually Rey who stole the whole movie.

Played with such believable enthusiasm by Daisy Ridley, the character has truly struck Star Wars cosplayers with a strong resonance more so than the popular Finn.

While it's possible to do BB8 cosplay, costumer players have come up with some awesome cosplay representations of their favourite character from The Force Awakens.

Here's some awesome photo's the feature players sharing their love of Rey. First up is a certain duel with Kylo Ren:

Rey fighting Ren as cosplay

rey costume play
Every inch a Jedi?
Rey hiding in the forest cosplay
Rey and BB-8 hiding from Kylo Ren

Rey cosplay with side boob
Naughty, naughty
Rey drawn lightsaber cosplay

The last photo is arguably the best, a pretty sweet duel with sabers between Kylo Ren and Rey. Note the great three knot version of Rey's hair!

Rey defends against Kylo ren attack - cosplay fight

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