Was Anakin Skywalker drawing Kylo Ren to the light?

Sep 16, 2018
drawing of darth vader with helment off

In TFA, was Anakin Skywalker drawing Kylo Ren to the light?

If so, he failed and failed badly.

But let's chat first before we crucify the former Sith Lord.

In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren appears to be struggling with his place in the Universe. He clearly wants to embrace his dark side and follow in his Grandfather's footsteps and finish what he started (whatever that was).

He also states to Vader's mask that he wants to be shown again.

We have no idea what he was shown in the first place.

But we do know as he told his father Han Solo just before he murdered him that he was struggling with what turned out to be being drawn to the light side of the Force.

What was calling him?

What was causing this?

Was it Anakin Skywalker? 

Was he trying to bring Kylo Ren back from going full retard by partnering with Snoke? 

If so, he failed.

If it was not Anakin, was there another entity drawing Ben back to the Light?

Who else had reason to try?

A certain Jedi Knight in self-isolation at the first Jedi Temple? 

Well, we know this isn't the case as The Last Jedi revealed that Luke had turned himself off from the Force so he certainly wasn't trying to sort his own mess out.


  1. To my mind,the return to the light is caused by the wish to join back is family and make peace with Han and Leia. We do not know yet what caused him to slip so strongly in the dark. But he is clearly struggling between going back to his family and continue on fighting them. Even Snoke is concerned that Ren has to meet a gun his father. When Kylo kills Han he solves this delimma and erase the light side by destroying his father and therefore the risk to accept to go back to him and Leia.

    I do not think Anakin plays a role here. But your point of you is interesting.

    By the way. I have also my blog that could be interesting to you.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Cedric! You site's starting to take shape well.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. It's most definitely an interesting thought. I feel that "being shown again the power of the darkness" is Disney's ticket to remaking the original trilogy. What Kylo says is indicative of Vader never being redeemed by Luke in episode 6. It suggests that Vader dies a Sith. Unless Snoke has clouded the mind of Ben/Kylo. That is also a possibility. Nonetheless, your idea is interesting.


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