Dec 9, 2016

Where can I watch Rogue One online for free?

Slave and Jango Fett conceptual artwork

Where can I watch Rogue One online for free?

Given my recent rant about how Star Wars movies are available to watch for free online, I had shower thoughts moment and wondered what about the other Star Wars movies and the forth coming Rogue One: A Star Wars story..

That movie has the potential to be the most pirated film of the year, especially as it has the return of Darth Vader. Probably even more so than the latest season of Game of Thrones! Everyone will try and stream the movie for free.

I looked around and if you google, "where can I watch Rogue One online for free", you are immediately swamped with search engine results pages where presumptuous film pirates have already prepared pages which will eventually have Rogue One uploaded so it can be downloaded and streamed thousands and thousands of times.

It's crazy!

Even though no official announcement has been made, you can find pages that are already offering you the opportunity to watch Iron Man 4. We just hope that movie will be better than Iron Eagle 4.

So if you came to this page looking to watch Rogue One for free, we have a question for you.

Why are you asking Google "where can I watch Rogue One online"?

You surely do know the film has just come out yet so there's no way that you can legally find it online just yet?

Are you looking for some illegally copied film material, just in case Rogue One has already leaked? And yes, the cam copies are already available to view.

Are you trying to get an early glimpse of Darth Vader - yes, Darth Vader is in Rogue One!

We get it, you want to watch the final scene of the movie where he kills everybody in his way.

We understand why you would want to watch Star Wars: Rogue One online because it's a clearly a pretty cool movie and with it being the first Star Wars stand alone movie, everyone is keen to see what Darth Vader said to Jyn Erso when they finally met.

These behaviours are just other examples of issues and challenges that the movie industry needs to face up to. It needs to have plans in place so that when new film content like Star Wars Rogue One is released it can be viewed by as many people as possible in a most consumer centric manner as possible.

The difference between film release dates and DVD / Blue Ray releases are getting closer and closer.

We wonder how long it will be until there's a Star Wars movie that's released direct to legitimate online consumption platforms on day one.

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