It is too easy to watch Star Wars online for free. I can tell you where to watch Return of the Jedi for free, for free, right now.

Jul 5, 2016
how to watch star wars for free online

Watch Rogue One online

On a whim the other day I decided to watch The Force Awakens online but I couldn't get it via Xbox Live.

So I checked the wider internet.

You know, to test it out.

I was absolutely surprised that after a quick google search and with only TWO clicks I was able to watch a Star Wars movie for free.

The Force Awakens came out 8 months ago and surely there is still money to be made from legitimate sales and yet, there I was able to view the film on the net.

For free.

It was quite easy as by using Ad Blocker I was able to navigate to the film without hindrance. Except the baby woke up so I got as far as Kylo landing on Jakku.

But I’m surprised that it is so easy to watch this and other Star Wars films online for free.

The film was the biggest grossing movie in a fair while. No surprise there after all, it’s Star Wars. I understand that as the intellectual rights holder that Disney can’t control the entire internet and believe me, I support their right to enforce their claims.

I just find so amusing that right now I can watch Return of the Jedi for free on Youtube.

That’s right. If you click this link, you can watch a Star Wars movie for free on Youtube! 

So, if the question is where can I watch Return of the Jedi for free? And what about streaming The Last Jedi for that matter.

The answer is simply watch the film on Youtube.

In glorious high definition.

It’s a simple click to remove the add over the top. Boom, you can be watching Luke cut off Darth Vader’s hands in mere seconds. It’s incredible.

We get it, people want to watch Star Wars films online.


What we don’t get is how easy it seems that Disney and Fox and any other right holders seem to make it for bootleggers and other ‘content hosts’ to take their IP, dress it up in some pretty shady adds and then let people watch the movies.

You’ve heard this story before. The internet has changed the game. People will no longer go to the movies several times a month. Not at the prices they charge in Wellington, NZ these days anyway. $18.50 for a ticket?

An extra $2 to see the feature in 3D?

No thanks.

I’ll save my movie watching experiences for the Big Event Movies like, Rogue One or whatever New Zealand’s second export Peter Jackson does next. But I won’t go and see Tarzan or the Jungle Book – though they might be fun movies, at the price being charged, I’ll watch it at home online thanks.

I’ll even pay for it – I buy and rent movies via my Xbox account. 

It’s fantastic – you can pay a fair price for a rental and then boom, I’m watching Captain America take down Robert Redford in HD. It’s no surprise that my local video store closed down just after Christmas.

They just couldn’t compete when the Xbox Live has a Captain America rental for $7 and I don’t have to get off the sofa and drive 2KM down the road to get a round plastic disk to place into the Xbox. 

But that’s not the whole story. Some people want to watch the latest Star Wars or Iron Man NOW and they want it free, regardless of Disney making the film available to watch online via Xbox or Google Play or I-Tunes or Netflix.

To compete, the rights holders need to do it quick and at a price where the marginal propensity to watch an illegal download or stream is wholly reduced. 

If the rights holders want to sell their films on the internet they need to make the means to watch them as widely accessible as possible and at a price point that will encourage people to watch their movies legally, rather than finding the latest television show (Star Wars Rebels anyone?) on couchtuner, watcheseries or any of the other incredibly free watching sites out there.

It’s actually how incredible how well organised the ‘stream star wars online’ websites are. There's clearly money to be made with online gambling advertising.

The elephant in the Room is Netflix.

That giant blockbuster of a TV and film aggregator has much of the home video market locked down. While it is not the be all and end all of the video on demand market, it apparently accounts for 37 per cent of peak down load traffic in North America. Clearly that’s where the eyeballs are.

If Disney is smart, they will do a genuine deal with Netflix so that entire range Star Wars films can be watched online by Netflix subscribers.

They can make plenty of money that way and it will reduce the demand for websites that offer to stream Star Wars films for free – and thus doing them out of the market (or reduce their position and relevance). 

Or maybe the rights holders consider this trend to steam movies for free online an acceptable level of leakage.

Maybe they know that some people will never pay to watch Star War and that 'regular' fans will and in the end they still get their return on investment. 


And hey, if you're not the kind of person who borrows movies form the internet, you can always buy Return of the Jedi from Amazon. Just click the link or on the poster picture just to the right.

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