Aug 11, 2016

Rogue One's official trailer is out!

Watch Rogue One's trailer

If your anticipation and wait  for that first The Force Awakens trailer  was driving you a lil bit crazy, you can talk some mild comfort everyone is busting their gut twice as bad to view Rogue One's official full length trailer!

This is not a teaser trailer, nor a behind the scenes reel, no, Rogue One's trailer is here and delivers all that this Star Wars fan wanted to see:

The Return of Darth Vader! If only for a second at the end. But he's there!

Watch the trailer on YouTube now:

How did you find it? 

Any way let's work through what we have just seen in the trailer. Colour us very excited !

We had an upside down Death Star caught in an eclipse. Some visually stunning cinematography. A robot that seems a bit of a dick - ‘The captain says you’re a friend. I will not kill you”. A tie fighter rising up to face Jyn. X-Wings flying in some kind of storm. A U-Wing dropping of Rebel soldiers onto the beach. A splash of a screenshot of Vader. Baze’s rocket being fired in the head of an AT-A©T. 

Didn’t catch any true Easter eggs in there. Some nods to the original movies – K-2SO’s odds of survival quote evoked C3PO’s quips.

We still think everyone is going to die in the end and we hope Vader is the cause of most of the deaths!

We only hope that Rogue Two will be this good! 

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