Practical Effects be damned, The Force Awakens was 96 percent CGI

Sep 6, 2016

ILM has released this awesome clip which demonstrates just how amazing the CGI in The Force Awakens really was. 

ILM said:

"We are pleased to share a sample of the visual effects work created for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

The history of ILM leads all the way back to 1975 and origins of Star Wars and The Force Awakens gave us the opportunity to once again push the boundaries of what is possible in character animation and visual effects while combining cutting edge practical effects and physical sets. I

LM studios in San Francisco, Singapore, Vancouver and London each contributed to the film effects as did our partners Hybride, Base FX and Virtuos."

So it was a global effort to make the movie. 

One can only wonder how much effort is going into Rogue One and of course Episode VII. Each of those films will no doubt have an epic look and feel due to the marvels of ILM's CGI teams.

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