What is the hover bike thing that Rey rides called?

Oct 9, 2016
What was Rey's hover bike called?
Swoop, there it is.

Rey's speeder bike

What's your favourite shot in TFA?

Ours was the long shot of Rey riding her vehicle across the desert with the giant Star Destroyer resting in its sandy grave while the most amazing music played over.

It was beautifully framed and it was Star Wars with John Williams' score for Rey and oh it was so perfectly so.

But what was she riding?

It's not specifically referred to by name in the movie but it is a 'speeder'.

You might remember the name speeder from the speed bikes that Luke and Leia raced on in Return of the Jedi.

So, where does the speeder come from? 

Again, it's not stated in the movie but other official material tells us that she built it from the remains of a speeder and a 'swoop'. 

If you're wondering what a swoop is (like I did) it's the bike that Anakin Skywalker drove across the desert in Attack of the Clones.

This is just another example of how awesome Rey is at looking after herself.

The swoop worked using repulsor lifts which helps explains how Rey's homemade speeder works.

The awesome thing about Rey's use of the speeder is that it and the long shot of it crossing the Jakku desert are that it is a homage to the scene in A New Hope when Luke busts his Landspeeder across the sand to get back to his home to try and rescue Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.

It's not an accident that Rey's speeder is the same colour as Luke's landspeeder - it's a deliberate nod to what has been before.

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