A quick review of 'The Science of Star Wars', a book that explains the science fiction.

Dec 4, 2016

A quick review of The Science of Star Wars by Mark Brake and Jon Chase

I was sent a copy of The Science of Star Wars to review. Normally I’d like na, I’ve got to go watch Frozen again but it was a slow news day and I had a long bus ride ahead of me so I took the bait and read the book.

It’s pitched as addressing ‘fifty topics that span the movies’ universe such as battle technology, alien life, space travel, etc. You’ll find fascinating explorations of physics, plausibility, and more. The book addresses many unanswered, burning questions’.

The Science of Star Wars attempts to ground some of Star Wars magical ideas and giant constructions like the Death Star into maths and science. 

And so it proved with an handy discussion about how X-Wings could actually manoeuvre in space during combat and how the X-Wing open wing position is probably only useful for better laser accuracy than offering any fancy extra moves in combat. 

I found that point very interesting. Not a big thing, but a thing that was good to know.

This book is a fairly easy read in the sense that simple language is used to explain what can at times be fairly complex concepts.

Its value can be found in offering those with an inquiring minds good discussion about science in the real world. It’s almost a discussion about science with Star Wars used as the example rather than a book that explains Star Wars.

I’d caution that a casual Star Wars fan may not get much joy from The Science of Stars. It’s certainly best enjoyed by anyone with a bent towards the stars and how they stay up there…

I would recommend this book to a Star Wars fan who was really interested in maths and of course science. It's probably not for a casual Star Wars fan looking to learn something about the Star Wars universe but for the right fan, it would be an excellent Christmas present.

Order it now from Amazon.

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