Dec 11, 2016

Let's bust some minor myths about Star Wars

Darth Vader concept art

Let’s clear a few things up about the state of play about a couple of Star Wars related things by busting a few myths:
  • Ewoks are not smaller cousins of the Wookie. 
  • Han Shot first. 
  • Lucas did not 12 films all mapped out before the first Star Wars was released 
  • There is a difference between a Clone Trooper and a Storm Trooper. One of them is a clone. The other not so much. 
  • Kylo Ren is not a Sith Lord. Ren is not his last name. It is a direct reference that he is a Knight of Ren. 
  • Bail Organna may have died on Alderaan. He certainly appears in Rogue One.
  • There is no longer an official explanation for how Han did the Kessel Run 
  • The Wampa creature was not created to allow for Luke's rearranged face after a car accident 
  • Splinter of the Mind's Eye was note the scripted sequel to A New Hope. 
  • Anakin is the ‘Chosen One’ not Luke. 
  • Darth Vader does not mean ‘Dark Father’ and was not a clue to Luke’s parentage. 
  • Leia said ‘It’s a trap’ first in Empire, not Ackbar in Jedi. 
  • Yes, Lucas did consider Jedi ending with Luke turning to the dark side. 
  • “I know” was not an on the spot ad lib. Director Irvine Kershner suggested it to Harrison who agreed to give it a go.

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