Jan 2, 2017

He's calamariffic! Review Admiral Raddus 3.75 inch figurine from Hasbro

Check out this Admiral Raddus figurine, it's calamariffic!

Admiral Raddus, the coolest Calamari this side of Scariff has now been immortalised in plastic by Hasbro. You can buy him on Amazon for a good price and you could probably find him on the shelves at Walmart or Target if you're afraid of the internet...

Cast as a 3.75 inch figurine, this Raddus is intended for ages four and up (we guess the average buying age is closed to 27 though!). 

So what are we saying? 

This figure is suitable for kids who want to play 'action hero Calamari' and also perfect for the guy or gal who collects Star Wars figures. Either way, this toy is a handy addition to any set.

Here's the real life version of Raddus on the set of Rogue One with the film's director, Gareth Edwards:

Admiral Raddus on Rogue One set gif

Boasting a handy side arm and a crazy assault rifle that fires some kind of lava projectile, these are some handy battle accessories. 

Your bullish blue Admiral has five points of articulation which means he's very posable which means the young ones will be able to play with him in some epic play ground battles. Adults will be able to hold him and say his rad quotes like, "Get me a Hammerhead Corvette, I have an idea." and "Rogue one, may the Force be with you".

Raddus was an immediate hit when Rogue One was released so we imagine this Hasbro version of him will be quite the collected item

Raddus's status as being alive or dead was never revealed in the final moments of Rogue One. It's quite possible that Darth Vader got to him as he boarded his ship (called the Profundity). So, if you're on the side of the fence where Raddus dies, you can bring him back to life in the sand pit. Because that's where the best Star Wars adventures happen...

Buy the Admiral Raddus Hasbro figurine
Fun fact about Raddus, the production crew of Rogue One called him the 'Winston Churchill' of the movie because of the statesman like manner he had about him.

Hasbro has also released quite the range of Rogue One figurines, with Jyn, Galen and evil Director Krennic all coming to the party. 

We were pretty stocked to see that Bistan also has enough merit to be added to the playset. 

Extra for Experts: 

Do you know who the most popular Star Wars figurine is? 

Did you guess Darth Vader? 

You'd be wrong. Kylo Ren? 


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