List of celebrity cameo appearances in The Last Jedi

Jan 14, 2018
Warwick Davis cut scene as Kedpin Shoklop

Cameo role appearances in The Last Jedi

These days it's almost a given, but Warwick Davis make's his 10th appearance in a Star Wars movie. That's just an incredible run! Davis is a genuinely nice guy and the fans just love him, so it's no surprise he keeps being asked back for a turn.

  • Frank Oz plays Yoda in an unexpected performance.
  • It's been confirmed by John Boyega that the Princes William and Harry visited the set and had a turn as Stormtroopers. They were cut though!
  • Gary Barlow, songwriter from Take That donned  the white and black, as did Bane himself, Tom Hardy but both only made the cutting room floor. 
  • Rogue One's director Gareth Edwards has a small cameo as one of the Rebels fighting in the trench on Crait. He has R1 written on his tunic. 
  • Adrian "Ade" Edmondson, of Bottom, Young Ones fame, has an extended cameo as a First Order Officer.
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt does the voice of the alien that turns in Finn and Rose at the Canto Bight Casino. Levitt has appeared in several films directed by Rian Johnson so no surprise there. The character was called Slowen Lo.
  • Justin Theroux plays the Master Code Breaker that Finn and Poe are sent by Maz Kanata to meet.
  • Star Wars veteran Warwick Davis plays Wodibin - his 9th appearance in Star Wars. He actually filmed a second part though this did not make the final cut. The picture above is of him as Kedpin Shoklop from a bath room scene at Canto Bight that was cut. 
  • Noah Segan, who has been in every Rian Johnson film, has a small spot as an X-Wing pilot.
  • Mark Hamill also does the voice work for the chap that inserts the coins into BB-8 at the Canto Bight Casino. 

Director Edgar Wright and writer Joe Cornish took a turn as the Resistance:

edgar write cameo in the last jedi

And Mark Hamill's children turned up as Rebels!

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