Is this the first ever Star Wars cosplay?

Aug 7, 2020
Check out this awesome X-Wing Pilot cosplay from 1977!

Found on Reddit, it shows a keen lass called TJ dressed as a Rebel pilot in a home made costume.

Is it the first ever Star Wars cosplay? Did they even call it cosplay back then...?

Maybe Luke or Wedge? 

While the word cosplay was not yet invented, make no mistake, Star Wars fans have been doing this since the moment the first movie came out!

Given back in 1977 there were no VCR or Blu Ray editions of Star Wars (as it was called then!) this is a most impressive rendition of the costume. Sure there may have been the odd picture floating around in a magazine but who knows. 

Rebel pilot costume 1977 halloween star wars girl

Actually we do know! The creator of the costume is actually the girl wearing it. She said in this post "Made entirely by myself ... with no helpful freeze-frame DVD player, BTW. I sat in the movie theatre and took sketches by hand! Oh yeah, I made the fanboys drool when I was 16".

And TJ, you're making the fan boys and girls on Reddit drool 40 years later!

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  1. This would be T. J. Burnside-Clapp well known in the Filk community. She did use her mother's sewing machine though.

    And we called it Costuming back then. Cosplay came from Japan in the late 90s early 2000s


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