K-2SO is the best thing about Rogue One so you should buy him

Jan 1, 2017
Lego robot Rogue One, K-2SO
'Infiltrate the Empire with buildable and highly posable K-2SO!'

So says the official word about one of the best things about the Rogue One movie, K-2SO.

We say however buy this Lego robot to relive your childhood dreams!

Admit it, when you were young, you made made robots out of your Lego set. You loved it and maybe you miss it.

There's not a single excuse to not go and play with some Lego anymore. It's a free world baby, and you can have K-2SO any time you want!

Not convinced? 

An Amazon based reviewer said of the cheeky robot:

"This is a beautiful representation of K-2SO as a LEGO figure. It takes about an hour to build depending on how fast you go." Order K-2SO from Amazon now.

But you just don't have to get a Lego version of K-2SO, you can get him as a Funko or even as his own action figure dude.  
Buy me

These Funko sets are all the rage at the moment.

If there's a popular movie or TV show that's actually living up to the hype, then you can probably take a reasonable bet that there will be a Funko Pop doll of it.

These things are great for sitting on desks at work.
They seem to add some kind of street cred, if you know what I mean. Every time that 'uber' Star Wars fan sees it on your desk, he's reminded of just how damn cool you are. 

Which means when you need to hit him up for a favour, he's already your friend. But only if you have the K-2SO Funko on your desk.

We have no idea why you haven't made your purchase yet. Maybe you were wanting something a little bit more adult.

Maybe you want your own K-2SO figurine. 

K-2SO figurine details and review
Do you member as a kid when your parents used to buy you Action Hero Men or whatever the hell they were called? 

The only cool thing I remember about them was there was a lever in the back of their heads which mean you could make their eyes move as if they were scanning for a deer to shoot or something.

Which was cool and all when you are 8 years old but frankly, my computer software tells me you are a 39 year old male looking to be convinced to buy this K-2SO figurine.


I'm not your mother or girlfriend or significant other. I'm not holding you back. 

I'm saying buy the damn robot doll and put it on your desk next to your Funk Pop thingy.

But if you need some reasons to get excited about an Imperial droid, here you go.
  • Classically-detailed 6-inch replica of K-2SO from Star Wars: Rogue One
  • Collector-grade quality. That's right, you can collect this!
  • Multiple points of articulation. Good for posing in other words
  • Figure scale is 6 inches. Everyone loves six inches right?

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