Jan 17, 2017

Watch 'The Last Jedi' online for free

Given my recent rant about how Star Wars movies are available to watch for free online, I had shower thoughts moment and wondered what about the other Star Wars movies and the forth coming The Last Jedi.

This movie will be the most pirated film of the year, especially as it has the return of Luke Skywalker where he actually says a few lines. It will probably even more pirated than the latest season of Netflix's Stranger Things!

Spooky Mulder. 

Star Wars fans will likely try and stream the movie for free the moment it is released. Some dude some will where make a shonky video of it in the theatre and load it up for sharing on Putlocker or Vodlocker or one of the many other movie sharing sites such as 123movies.

I looked around and if you google, "where can I watch The Last Jedi online for free", you are immediately swamped with search engine results pages where cheeky film pirates have already prepared pages which will eventually have The Last Jedi uploaded so it can be downloaded and streamed thousands and thousands of times.

It's super cheeky!

Even though no official announcement has been made, you can find pages that are already offering you the opportunity to watch Iron Man 4 and the Mortal Engines film.

So if you came to this page looking to watch or download Rian Johnsons' The Last Jedi for free, we have a question for you.

Why are you looking to watch The Last Jedi for free online? What so special about Episode VII? 

Why didn't you go and see it at the movies and in doing so, pay the people who spent 150 million dollars making it, their due? These movies are not cheap. Why should you get to stream it for free? Can't you just wait until it's put on Netflix?

You surely do know the film has just come out yet so there's no way that you can legally find it online just yet?

Are you looking for some illegally copied film material, just in case The Last Jedi has already leaked? And yes, the cam copies are already available to view the full movie. In fact you can watch all the Star Wars films online for free. 

What does Disney think about this?

What do they think of Youtube already having links to the movie. People have already uploaded 'fake' versions to Youtube which purport to be the full movie. They're not. They are fake and looking to scam you into looking at something else. 

We understand why you would want to watch Star Wars: Rogue One and The Last Jedi online because it continues the adventures that happened to Rey in The Force Awakens.

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