What does the title of The Last Jedi mean?

Dec 5, 2017
What is the meaning of The Last Jedi?
What's in a name?

Here we go again, a new Star Wars film, with an interesting title meaning.

We thought the Jedi had returned yet, now two movies later we're being told that we are back to the last Jedi?

The last Jedi.

At face value, that's Luke Skywalker.


Or does the name mean, that last set of Jedi. The Jedi padawan Luke was training before Kylo Ren killed them all?

Ren is NOT a Sith. Technically he is still a padawan Jedi... kinda.

Well the truth according to director and writer of the movie Rian Johnson is that the title of the film indeed refers to Luke.

So no more arguing about that eh?

Word on the street is that the island Rey found Luke on at the end of The Force Awakens is an ancient Jedi Temple (Han Solo suggested Luke was looking for it in the Force Awakens).

Does this have something to do with the title?

Will Luke train Rey as a Jedi?

That seems to be the set up from the ending of The Force Awakens.

Speaking of Rey, what if she becomes The Last Jedi.

It's possible that Luke has decided the ways of the Jedi were ultimately wrong and a new path is needed, one which eschews traditional Jedi codes such as no family and no real material possession.

What if Luke Skywalker dies in this movie?

As we know, after the death of Han Solo in The Force Awakens, all bets are off.

This current round of movies are a hand over to the next generation of characters,

Rey, Finn and Poe. So, Rian Johnson would have some room to move if he needed to off Luke to serve the plot.

But that would be sad and leave neither Luke, Leia nor Han in IX.

If the Last Jedi is all about Luke, colour us very excited. We think it's a fantastic title. 


  1. I think it's the simple version, it's just referring to Luke.

    1. Could be plural in meaning like Darth and Luke.


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